Financing your studies

  • Students coming from the European Union  may be able to benefit from financial aid when participating in an exchange program. Ask for further information from the International relations department of your home university before arriving in Nantes.
  • Non E-U students should contact the cultural centre in the French embassy of their home country. Grants are available but allocation is the French Embassy's decision only. Students should also ask their home university if any grants or scholarships are available, before arriving in Nantes. 

Estimated budget

Non-exchange students

Exchange students

Enrolment fees

- 184€* (Bachelor’s degree)
- 256€* (Master’s degree)
- 391€* (PhD)


Health Insurance

217€/year* except in exempted payments cases

Ex. exempted payments cases: European Health Insurance Card (European students), Eiffel Scholarships beneficiaries, Students enrolled in Quebec universities upon presentation of the required form duly completed

Supplementary Health Coverage

Between 8€/month** and 40€/month**


Private housing :

- Security deposit : about 350/400€*
- Monthly rent : about 350/400€**

In University Residence:

- Security deposit : 270€*
- Monthly rent : 254.8€**

Private housing :
- Security deposit : about350/400€*
- Monthly rent: about 350/400€**

Housing Insurance

Between 60€/year* and 85€/year* for a private housing (room in a shared flat or studio apartment)

- Between 38€/year* and 52€/year* for a room in a university residence (9m2)

- Between 60€/year* and 85€/year* for a private housing (room in a shared flat or studio apartment)


About 200€/month** (3.25€/meal at the University Restaurant)

TAN Pass

- Monthly Pass (under 26) : 39€ **
- Monthly Pass (over 26) : 66€**
- Annual Pass (under 26) : 270€*
- Annual Pass (over 26) : 592€*


(visa validation – Residence permit)

- 60€* (tax stamps – first request)
- 49€* (tax stamps – oneyear renewal)
- 79€* (tax stamps – several years renewal)


About 150€*

Other expenses

About 100€**


* Students must pay these fees only once during the academic year, upon the arrival and/or at the registration.

 ** These are monthly fees.

Other fees can be added according to the student study program (ex.: semester courses fees at the I-FLE, program fees for Polytech's international master's degrees)