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Research at Nantes Université

A major research centre in Western France

Research is a major growth sector for Nantes Université. As an innovative force, the University also has research agreements with industry and shares its discoveries with the society at large.

This new knowledge is supported by more than 3,200 permanent and contract research staff (teachers, researchers, scientists, administrative and technical staff, PhD students) working in laboratories that have all been accredited by the national government (43 research structures). Nantes Université has also a doctoral college with 11 post-graduate schools.

Welcome of foreign researchers

Nantes Université welcomes overseas researchers and associated professors from all over the world. They collaborate with Nantes Université research projects, doctoral (co-tutelle) or post-doctoral projects or they come as invited professors.

Life Sciences and Biomedical Sciences

Biology, Biotechnology, Health
  • Immunology / Oncology / Transplant
  • Cardiovascular / Nutrition / Digestive
  • Biomaterials / Osteoarticular / Dental
  • Biotherapy / Biotechnology
  • Neuroscience

Ecosystems, Recyclable Substances
  • Sea, Ecotoxicology, Drugs
  • Plant Pathogens

Letters, Languages, Human and Social Sciences

Standards, Economics, Management, Societies
  • Public law, Private Law and Maritime Law
  • Economics, Management
  • Geographic Areas and Societies

Letters, Languages and Humanities
  • Letters
  • Education, Cognition, Culture, Sport
  • History, Trade, Civilizations

Exact Sciences and Technologies

Matter, Molecules, Materials
  • Chemistry and Physics of Functional Materials
  • Molecular Chemistry and Applications
  • Nuclear Physics

STIC, Mathematics
  • Computer Science, Electronics, Telecom, Multimedia
  • Pure and Applied Mathematics
  • Scientific Computin

  • Process Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Energy Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering
  • Composites

Planets, Earth, Environment
  • Comparative Planetology
  • Geosciences, Remote Sensing, Environment

5 interdisciplinarity programs

  • Sea, Estuary, Coastline
  • Food, Nutrition, Health
  • Environment, Sustainable Development
  • Quality of Life, Wellness, Culture, Territory
  • Research involving the Arronax-Atlantic Cyclotron, Biotherapies

Doctoral schools

Each PhD student joins a research team attached to a specific doctoral School. A doctoral School federates research teams around scientific themes. Doctoral Schools have a coordinating role, ensuring the scientific consistency of the candidate's research project. It is responsible for training and preparing PhD students for their occupational integration.
The doctoral program is based on 11 thematic doctoral schools which train more than 250 PhD students per year in the fields of physical, natural, human, social and life sciences.
Doctoral studies require a minimum of 3 years of studies, after which the PhD student is awarded the highest degree offered within the French higher education system.

Visiting researchers

Nantes Université welcomes overseas researchers and professors from all over the world. They collaborate with us within the framework of research projects, doctoral or post-doctoral programs or they come as visiting professors.

The association "Chercheurs étrangers à Nantes"

The association Chercheurs Etrangers à Nantes is a single centralised body which welcomes overseas researchers arriving in Nantes. The association is currently chaired by Nantes Université. More info

Alfred Kastler Foundation

Alfred Kastler Foundation (FnAk) facilitates the visits of foreign scientists to France, and maintains contact with them following their return home. More info

Euraxess Network

Euraxess is the european reseacher mobility portal. Euraxess offers services and a network of more than 200 centres in Europe to facilitate researcher mobility, and promote european higher education and research. More info

Nantes Université is HRS4R certified

Since 2017, Nantes Université has been fully invested in the HRS4R process (Human Resources Strategy for Researchers)  and has committed itself to improving recruitment practices and the scope of practice for research personnel. In March 2022, Nantes Université was awarded with the HRS4R certification by the European Commission (HR Excellence in Research).

« With this certification, we wish to shape our human resources policy using a process of continuous improvement. It is essential to have a quality approach in human resources » specifies Françoise Le Fichant, associate Social Responsibility vice-president -  in charge of the gender equality mission.


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