Each PhD student joins a research team attached to a specific doctoral School. A doctoral School federates research teams around scientific themes. Doctoral Schools have a coordinating role, ensuring the scientific consistency of the candidate's research project. It is responsible for training and preparing PhD students for their occupational integration.
The doctoral program is based on 10 thematic doctoral schools which train more than 250 PhD students per year in the fields of physical, natural, human, social and life sciences.
Doctoral studies require a minimum of 3 years of studies, after which the PhD student is awarded the highest degree offered within the French higher education system.
Matter, Molecules, Materials and Geosciences
Art, Literature, Language
Law and Political Science
Education, Cognition, Language, Interaction, Health
Economics and management sciences
Mathematics and digital information and communication sciences and technologies
Engineerign and systemes sciences
Society, time, territories
Vegetal, animal, food, sea, environment