University of Nantes

An exceptional place to study and live
37 000 students over 140 countries | Nantes Université is organized into 6 campuses located in wooded areas and most are well served by public transportation
Looking for a change of scenery ?
Looking for a change of scenery ?
Nantes Université is just 2 hours from Paris !
Feel welcome
Feel welcome
A welcome desk for international students and a single centralised place which welcomes overseas researchers arriving in Nantes
A major research center in Western France
A major research center in Western France
Research is a major growth sector for Nantes Université, with 44 accredited laboratories
An exceptional place to study and live

Key figures

  • 4210
    International students
  • 11
    Doctoral schools
  • 460
    partners over 5 continents
  • 50
    sport activities
  • 50
    monthly events open to all
  • 37 000

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EUniWell : a short video to support the UK based universities in european alliances

Students from across European University Networks have joined together to highlight an important cause ahead of the European Commission’s launch of the next Erasmus+ funding programme for the European Universities Initiative.

The University is committed to HRS4R certification

By engaging in this labelling process, the Nantes Université is committing to the improvement of recruitment practices and the provision of the best working conditions possible for their research personnel.

50 actions in favor of gender equality at the Nantes Université

The Nantes Université has adopted a plan of 50 priority actions to integrate gender equality and the fight against discrimination in all aspects of its operations.

EUniWell launches inaugural Policy Commission on Well-Being in a Covid World on 17 June, 2020 as a virtual event

EUniWell’s inaugural International Policy Commission event will be chaired by Stefano Manservisi, former Director-General of the European Commission’s Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development.

Seven top European universities join forces to improve citizens’ well-being
31 january

The Rectors, Presidents and Vice-Chancellors from seven of Europe’s leading universities met in Köln (Germany) to launch their shared vision for improving European citizens’ quality of life by creating a European University for Well-Being. Through top level education and research, the alliance will help to create an environment that allows for European citizens and their global neighbours to be well-educated, socially responsible, healthy, inclusive and diverse — all critical aspects of well-being.

Learn French in Nantes : Full-time semester courses

Registrations for our Full-time semester courses beginning in January 2020 are still open online until December, 18. Students will prepare the Diplome Universitaire d'études françaises (DUEF).

A research program studies the "European Qur’an"

The launch event for the ERC Synergy project “The European Qur’an”, held in Naples (Italy) on October, 16-18, 2019, brought together an international team of researchers working on the European Qur’an and related topics. The four principal investigators presented their program to the members of the EuQu advisory board and other invited scholars.

Shanghai Ranking : Nantes Université strengthens its position

The latest Shanghai ranking puts Nantes Université in the top 4% of world universities. Moving forward from its place in the top 700 last year, Nantes Université is now in the best 500 universities for nine fields, demonstrating the dynamism of university research in Nantes.

New discovery in planetology : Mercury’s core 50 km larger than previously thought

At 2060 km across, the core of planet Mercury is 50 km larger than we believed up to now. This discovery was made by three researchers from the Laboratoire de planétologie et géodynamique. Their results, published in early August in the Journal of Geophysical Research – Planets, shed some light on the mystery of Mercury before the arrival of the BepiColombo mission to arrive near the planet in 2025.

The blob, a cell that helps us learn more about our own genome

It can’t be seen, touched or smelt. It's not considered as either an animal or a plant. Yet, this living thing is much more intelligent than we thought. The “blob”, a single cell made up of million upon million of nuclei, intrigues biologists because of its capacity to adapt and ability to live and survive in its natural environment. A research team studies its functions in order to improve our understanding of its biological mechanisms, which are closer to our own than you might think...

Committed to combatting harassment and bullying in all its forms

Nantes Université has adopted a comprehensive approach for preventing and combatting sexual harassment, moral or psychological bullying, sexism and discrimination.

Intensive French Courses : Enjoy your summer in Nantes

If you want to use your summer holidays to experience a cultural and linguistic stay in Nantes or prepare your upcomin studies at University, French Summer Courses at Nantes Université are an answer to your needs. The course will ensure you a dynamic learning experience in a relaxed atmosphere ! Registrations for our Summer intensive courses are still open online until May, 10.

Nantes researcher among the most cited worldwide

For the third consecutive year, Philippe Moreau, university professor and hospital practitioner, director of the Integrated Cancer Research Site and haematologist specialized in the treatment of multiple myeloma, is among the top 1% of the world’s leading researchers most cited across all fields of research, according to the prestigious Clarivate Analytics Report.

Floating wind turbines: successful French-American Innovation Days co-organized in Boston by IUML

Discussing the key issues on floating wind turbines for 2030, the development of technology and its acceptability, and preparing for the future in order to develop near-term collaborations between the United States and France were just some of subjects on the agenda at the French-American Innovation Days in Boston on 18 and 19 March 2019, on the theme of “Floating Offshore wind Energy Technology”.

UNESCO Chair for the Practice of Philosophy with Children

The renowned teacher educator and education researcher, Edwige Chirouter (UNESCO Chair/Nantes Université Chair for the Practice of Philosophy with Children) held free sessions for teachers in Auckland and Wellington, supported by a minor grant from the New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO, 10, 11 April in Auckland and 15 April in Wellington.

ERC : Professor from Nantes leads a major European programme

Nantes Université is a partner in one of the largest current European research programmes (€10 million). John Tolan, Professor of History at the University and a specialist in the medieval Mediterranean world, is one of the four scientific leaders of the “EuQu” (The European Qur’an)

InSight : Nantes researchers take a closer look at Mars

Seven professors and researchers from the Nantes Laboratoire de Planétologie et Géodynamique are contributing to InSight, a new space mission to Mars led by the American space agency NASA. InSight took off from California on 5 May 2018 and landed on Mars on 26 November 2018, for a nominal term of 2 years.

Climate change : a growing threat to oysters

A team of researchers from Nantes Université have studied the mortality of oysters, the “sentinels of the sea”, on the French Atlantic coast in relation to climate variations. The researchers estimate that by 2035 oyster mortality risk will be equivalent to the worst episodes of mortality observed over the past 20 years.

Boosting lithium batteries with the help of magnesium

Researchers from Nantes have discovered a new way to increase the energy of Li-ion (lithium-ion) batteries by adding magnesium. These results, published in Nature Communications, could lead to the development of new more competitive batteries with a lower environmental impact than current Li-ion batteries.

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Carine Bernault

President of Nantes Université

Our melting pot, our diversity make Nantes Université a vibrant place, both welcoming and creative. It is a university where movement is a visible and stimulating reality.

Isabelle Richard

Vice-President for European Affairs and International Relations

In the last 50 years, Nantes Université has taken training and research to the highest level and, in 2015 took a spot in the Times Higher Education World University Ranking. Nantes Université is ranked among the top 25 French universities.

Olivier Grasset

Vice-President for Research
Nantes Université actively contributes to the innovation of the socioeconomic make-up through its researchers, its laboratories, its equipment and state-of-the-art technological platforms,