An evolving university that benefits to everyone : a foundation that serves its university

Nantes Université’ Foundation brings together a community committed to the university’s transformation. It protects the values of transmission and shared knowledge for the benefit of future generations.


Created in 2011, the Nantes Université’ Foundation aims to contribute directly or indirectly to the development and promotion of the Nantes Université. The Foundation supports the "transformation" of the university. It heads up and develops a community of donors and major sponsors who share the values of Nantes Université.
Centred on its humanist values, the university launches its campaign: Humanisme2.UN, digital technology serving human values.

The campaign is based on five themes:

  • Healthcare of the future
  • Smart city
  • Shared knowledge
  • Factory of the future
  • Connected citizens

The founding missions of Nantes Université' Foundation

The Foundation relies on corporate philanthropy and private donations. By providing tax advantages, it helps to achieve iconic projects and supports the founding missions of the Nantes Université to:

  • Support and promote innovation and research;
  • Support the development of partnerships or collaborations in France and abroad;
  • Contribute to the training of students; improve their quality of life and the services provided to them;
  • Encourage and support entrepreneurship;
  • Promote the degrees awarded by Nantes Université, create and develop the network of friends and alumni of the Nantes Université, support the employability of graduates;
  • Promote the dissemination of knowledge;
  • Contribute to the enhancement of scientific, cultural and real estate assets of Nantes Université.

The new fundraising campaign : Patrimoine2.UN

When a university is part of a city’s identity

Today, Nantes Université has become known for the quality of its teaching and research, positioning itself among the top institutions in Europe and worldwide, but it also stands out by the quality of its cultural heritage and historic buildings.

The different campuses of the Nantes Université are historically situated along the Loire and its tributaries. They have contributed to the development of the city and are form part of Nantes’ heritage. Nantes Université is developing an important link with its region and participates in urban transformation, notably with the “campus remarkable” programme.

University heritage has become an issue of major importance. On campus, all forms of knowledge come together, with 37 000 students studying together on 91 hectares, in 125 buildings, some of them dating from the 1960s.

For this reason, the Nantes Université’ Foundation started a new fundraising campaign, called Patrimoine2.UN, to shine a spotlight on the University’s remarkable heritage buildings. This campaign notably aims to contribute to the restoration of four emblematic buildings: