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International Students: Accommmodation and housing aid

Accommodation in a University Residence

- Students participating in an exchange program:

If you wish to stay a room in a university residence, you must make the request through the online application and send your application to the International Relations office before the following dates:

  • April 30th for first semester and full year students
  • November 15th for second semester students

Applying to Nantes Université does not guarantee you a room in university residence.
Considering the limited number of places, all demands cannot be met.

The booking of the room will be confirmed between June 15th and 30th for first semester and full year students, and between December 10th and 15th for second semester students.

- Non-exchange students:

You should apply directly to the CROUS and consult their website to find out what procedures you need to take. The CROUS offers the following types of housing :

  • Rooms in university residences (254.8 € per month) : 9m² rooms with shower/WC cabin, refrigerator. These residences offer communal modern kitchenettes, communal work and TV areas, internet access. All rooms are rented for 9 months.
  • Studios : one room of 13 m² within certain university residences. Furnished, 13 to 14m² with individual shower/WC cabins and kitchenettes.
  • New residences : one room of approx. 18m² (individual rooms) and open plan one room (T1 bis) or two rooms (T2) of 30 to 40m² (for couples), furnished with kitchenettes (sink, refrigerator, double electric plate, wardrobe) and shower/WC cabin.

If your application is accepted you must:

  • Pay a security deposit (just over a month's rent). This deposit will be reimbursed when you leave provided no damage has been done to the room.
  • Provide an housing insurance certificate which covers fire, flooddamage, personal liability insurance. (contact student mutuelles insurance companies)
  • Provide details of a financial guarantor who lives within the European Union and who will pay the rent if you do not (for non-exchange students only)

Accomodation in the city centre

If you wish to stay in a private accommodation, lots of organisations are available to help you with your search:

  • The CROUS: The " logement en ville " is a free service which puts students in direct contact with landlords. Students can collect as many addresses as they wish. This service is accessible through the CROUS website.
  • Local newspapers: You can find classified advertisements in the local newspapers (44 annonces, Presse Océan, Ouest-France, ...etc)
  • Second hand websites : generally used for rentals between private indivuals, without intermediates.
If you are renting private housing:

You will have to fill out a lease agreement and and sign an inventory of fixtures. Study the contract carefully, and take note of how much notice you must give before leaving the apartment (usually 1 or 3 months before departure, according to the type of accomodation).

You will also be asked to pay a security deposit of approximately one or two months rent which will be reimbursed following your departure, provided no damage has been done to the house.

You must provide details of your financial guarantor (somebody who must pay the rent if you fail to do so). This person must be a resident of the European Union. This person will be asked to provide proof of income and identity (salary slips and tax statement).

You must also provide an housing insurance certificate which covers fire, flooddamage, and a personal liability insurance (contact student mutuelles insurance companies).

Important information : Rentals through a real estate agency

If you are using a real estate agency to find your accommodation, you will be asked to pay agency fees of the equivalent of a month's rent.

Some real estate agencies will also ask you to pay a fee to access their lists of available accommodation (150 € in general). This will not be reimbursed, even if you eventually find housing without their help.

Staying in a youth hostel and with a host family

  • Youth hostel:
You can find temporary accommodation in a youth hostel (communal rooms from 3 to 4 people). Bed linen provided. Minimum stay is two nights and maximum stay is 15 nights. Reservations are not taken.

Youth hostel : la "Manu"
Tram line 1 - stop: Moutonnerie
2, place de la Manu
Tél. 02 40 29 29 20
  • Staying with a host family:

If you would like to stay with a French family, the CRIJ (Centre Régional d'Information Jeunesse) have lots of names and addresses of organisations and families at your disposal.
Consult the CRIJ website for accommodation listings:

Housing aid

If you are a student paying rent, you can benefit from housing aid from the C.A.F. (Caisse d'Allocations Familiales), l'Aide Personnalisée au Logement (A.P.L.).
This aid is calculated according to your income.

To benefit from this aid you have to fill out a form directly on the CAF website. You can come to the Guichet Unique or go directly at the Caisse d'Allocations Familiales if you need assistance.

> Documents to provide (E.U students):
  • Photocopy of birth certificate and photocopy of passport / I.D card
  • photocopy of your French student card
  • photocopy of your health insurance card
  • A relevé d'identité bancaire - RIB (given when opening a bank account)
  • a sworn declaration to state that you have sufficient finances to cover your year of study in Nantes (help can be given for this at the Guichet Unique)
  • Certificate of university residence or rent certificate filled our by your landlord if you are in a house-share.
> Non EEA and non EU students:

You will be required to provide the documents mentioned in the list above, plus a copy of your VLSTS visa or residence permit.

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