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Students Residence Permits - Renewal procedure for the 2022-2023

First application and renewal of a "student" residence permit

The procedure for the first application and renewal of a residence permit with the mention "student" is a dematerialised process since September 2020. The procedure concerns all students with :

  • a visa or residence permit expiring during the summer period. The student can apply for a visa extension;
  • a residence permit expiring on or after 30 September, as well as a future registration in 2022-23. The student must apply to renew the residence permit.

In any case, the student must log on the following website, clic on « Renew my residence permit » and follow the steps indicated:

Students in the process of validating a Master 2 with a job-seeking project, following graduation, can benefit from the "job-seeking/business creation" residence permit. In order to obtain this residence permit, they must send a complete file by post with acknowledgement of receipt. The certificate of successful completion of the diploma is one of the most important elements of the file, and the application must be made before the expiry of the current residence permit.

All information is available on the Préfecture de Loire-Atlantique website.

If you have any difficulty with your application or any questions, please contact directly :

Préfecture de Loire-Atlantique
Bureau de séjour

Adresse e-mail :

Mis à jour le 01 June 2023.