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Academic offer

The LMD European model

All degrees follow the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), and are based upon the LMD European model :

Life sciences, health and medical technology

  • Fundamental Biology, Bioengineering
  • Plant Biology, Marine Biology, Ecology
  • Medicine and Medical Technology
  • Pharmacy (english web site)
  • Dentistry

Economics and Management

  • Economics and Economic Policy
  • Business Administration and Organizational Management
  • Logistics Engineering, International Logistics, Transportation, Industrial Engineering and Maintenance
  • Accounting, Banking, Finance, Insurance
  • Marketing, International Trade

Humanities and Social Sciences, Letters, Languages and Art

  • Psychology, Cognition, Education
  • History, Art History, Archaeology, History of Law, History of Science and Technology
  • Physical and Human geography, Urban Development
  • Sociology
  • Classical and Modern Letters, Philosophy
  • Information, Communication, Multimedia, Publishing, Documentary Resources
  • Language, Applied Foreign Languages,
  • Languages and Civilizations; French as a Foreign

Exact Sciences, Engineering and Technology

  • Chemistry, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering
  • Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Software Engineering
  • Fundamental and Applied Mathematics
  • Materials
  • Mechanical Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Energy Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Photonics
  • Earth Sciences , Planetary Sciences, Geosciences

Legal and Political Science

  • Private Law, Public Law, Business Law, Real Estate
  • Law; Criminal Science, State and Local Government
  • Law and Intellectual Property Law
  • Labour Law and Human Resources Management
  • Political Science
  • International and Community Law

Interdisciplinary Programs

  • Law-Applied Foreign Languages
  • Culture, Territories, Networks
  • Sport, Health, Society (visit the website of Faculty of sport sciences)
  • Health, Social Work, Health Management
  • Food Industry, Nutrition
  • Marine and Coastal Sciences
  • Sustainable Development and Environment
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