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A university open to the world

Nantes Université has implemented a policy of student, scholar and skills exchanges with many universities around the world to :
  • facilitate intellectual and scientific relations,
  • develop research and education
  • and support the development of their organization and facilities.

A major focus of its international strategy is to strengthen its presence in Europe and in certain large developed or developing countries, particularly in the Francophone world, by implementing a dynamic policy based on a limited number of strong partnerships.

Its policy aims to increase student mobility at the Masters and PhD levels, to develop international programs and to include all research activities in international networks.

The University is an active member of many integrated programs and consortia, in Germany, Vietnam, China, Turkey and Romania, the French University in Egypt and the International University of Rabat.


Key figures :
  • 500 partner institutions
  • 3 900 international students
  • 140 nationalities
  • 1 300 outgoing students
  • 130 Ph.D. thesis co-supervision panels

To carry out its policy and better serve incoming foreign students and researchers, the University has an International Services Centre composed of the "Maison des Echanges Internationaux et de la Francophonie (MEIF)" and the "Association et Maison des Chercheurs Etrangers à Nantes".

Mis à jour le 03 November 2020.