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The Nantes Université Report and Support service against acts of violence, discrimination and moral and sexual harassment

The Nantes Université Report and Support service is available for all students and staff who have experienced or witnessed repeated, degrading, discriminating or humiliating behaviour or comments.

It is a space where people can talk about what they are going through or have seen others go through, and receive help and guidance from advisors on the different types of resources available such as psychological, welfare and medical support and how to access them.

The service also carries out preventive campaigns and steers people towards the relevant university services to ensure that the situation is being handled in accordance with the person’s wishes and in line with university guidance.


You can report such behaviour by contacting the Report and Support service (by telephone or email) and an advisor will be in touch to set up an appointment :

+33 (0)800 711 260

During your appointment

  • You will be able to talk about things and explain what is happening with two advisors who will listen to you and produce a report which remains confidential at this stage. The service has four members of staff and they are the only people who will be able to access the report at this stage.
  • The advisors can also give you information about other services offering psychological, social, medical and legal support, and put you in direct contact with the university health service.
  • If you would like action to be taken to bring an end to the behaviour, you can validate the report and the information to be taken further. The report will then be passed on to the human resources and social dialogue department and senior managers: deputy director of services, director of legal affairs, legal affairs officer, and the Head of department.
  • The report will then be handled and investigated by the afore-mentioned directors. Possible courses of action include administrative investigation and disciplinary hearing, feedback and re-focusing interview, warning letter, and a temporary or permanent ban on accessing the premises.

Members of the Report and Support Service

  • Occupational psychologists
  • Social and welfare assistant
  • Manager of the Occupational environment and quality of life Centre
These four advisors are subject to professional secrecy, confidentiality rules and codes of ethics, and are the only people who can access the interview report prior to filing an official complaint (in other words, prior to the report being transferred to the afore-mentioned people and departments outside the service for further action). The service is coordinated by a quality of life at work development manager.

External information and advice

Help, advice and information is also available from:
  • Le bureau d'aide aux victimes (Nantes police station)
    +33 (0)2 53 46 71 56
  • L'association France Victimes 44 (Nantes)
    +33 (0)2 40 89 47 07
  • L'association Prévenir et réparer (Saint-Nazaire)
    +33 (0)2 40 01 85 85
  • Citad'elles, shelter for abused women (Nantes)
    +33 (0)2 40 41 51 51
  • Nosig, LGBTQ+ center
  • +33 (0)2 40 37 96 37 
Mis à jour le 29 April 2024.