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International students : Opening a bank account

It is strongly recommended to open a bank account upon your arrival if you wish to receive the housing financial aid, refunds from the Sécurité Sociale (national health coverage), or if you wish to have a credit card. Ask your usual bank in your country of residence, if it is related to a french network, this could facilitate the procedure.

In order to open a bank account in France, you will have to provide the following documents:

  • a copy of your proof of enrollment or student ID from the Nantes Université
  • a copy of your passport or national ID (for european students only)
  • a copy of  your visa (for non-european students only)
  • a housing certificate from France (a housing certificate from the CROUS for students staying in university halls of residence, a bill, a rent receipt...)
Paying with a credit card is allowed in most shops, but sometimes a minimum amount can be required (about 10/15€). Many cash machines are available in the city-center. Some banks will charge you a certain amount if you use your credit card at a cash machine belonging to another bank.
Mis à jour le 06 February 2018.