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A research program studies the "European Qur’an"
  • Le 16 October 2019
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The launch event for the ERC Synergy project “The European Qur’an”, held in Naples (Italy) on October, 16-18, 2019, brought together an international team of researchers working on the European Qur’an and related topics. The four principal investigators presented their program to the members of the EuQu advisory board and other invited scholars.

This event was the occasion to discuss the main objectives of the European Qur’an research program, to talk about current projects in research on the Qur’an and to share experiences. It was also a great opportunity for the invited scholars, who are or will be working on the project, to meet the principal investigators, other researchers and partners and to exchanges ideas with them.

The conference was organised in 6 different panels :

  • Digital Humanities Panel
  • The Qur’an produced by Muslim minorities in Europe
  • Current projects in research on the Qur’an
  • The Qur’an as an instrument of religious, political and nationalist polemics
  • The Qur’an in European scholarship, literature and culture
  • The EuQu Database of Qur’an manuscripts, editions and translations
  • Read the program

An ambitious and multidisciplinary project

EuQu is an ambitious six year research project (2019-2025) studying the ways in which the Islamic Holy Book is embedded in the intellectual, religious and cultural history of Medieval and Early Modern Europe. Our research studies how the Qur’an has been translated, interpreted, adapted and used by Christians, European Jews, freethinkers, atheists and European Muslims in order to understand how the Holy Book has influenced both culture and religion in Europe.

EuQu is an ERC Synergy project formed by a consortium led by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC); the University of Naples L’Orientale;  the University of Kent and the University of Nantes.

The project Initiatives 

  The European Qur’an project will produce :

  • A comprehensive database on the European Qur’an between 1150 and 1850 which will become a fundamental research tool for scholars in a variety of fields;
  • Research into the various uses of the Qur’an in polemical debates, missionary endeavors, historical, philosophical and religious works and literary and cultural contexts;
  • And events including seminars, summer schools, conferences, major exhibitions at leading European cultural institutions and other public engagement activities.

Next meeting: March 9-11, 2020 - Workshop on "The Latin Qur’an, 1143-1500: translation, transmission, interpretation"

The next international EuQu workshop "The Latin Qur’an, 1143-1500: translation, transmission, interpretation" will take place in Barcelona (Spain) on March 9-11, 2020. The workshop will examine the range of medieval Latin transmission of the Qur’an and reaction to the Qur’an by focusing on the manuscript traditions of medieval Qur’an translations and anti-Islamic polemics in Latin.

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