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Covid 19 - Health instructions

What are the health recommendations ?

Follow what the French refer to as the “3M” rule (Masque – Mains – Mètre) to limit the spread of the virus : MASK – HANDS – METRE

Wear a mask: at all times and on all campuses

As soon as you arrive on campus or at your place of work, you must wear your mask and keep it on at all times while you are in class and in the buildings. It is also mandatory to wear a mask outside around buildings.

How to put on and take off a mask

  • Wash your hands well
  • Put the elastic bands behind your ears or tie the strings around your head and neck
  • Pinch the nose wire if there is one and lower the mask so that it also completely covers your chin
  • Wash your hands well before taking your mask off
  • Take the mask off by only touching the elastic bands or strings
  • After using a disposable mask: if you cannot immediately throw it away in a trash can, store it in a plastic bag
  • After using a cloth mask: store it in a plastic bag and wash it at 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit) for 30 minutes
  • Wash your hands well once the mask has been removed

When should a mask be taken off?

  • After 4 hours of continuous use
  • If the mask is damp (humid)


When not using the mask, it is possible to:

  • Hang it from an isolated hook
  • Set it down on a clean piece of paper, on the outer surface of the mask. The paper must then be thrown away
  • Fold it up and place it in a dedicated plastic bag or small pouch
  • If it is possible to ensure the correct physical distancing, your teachers can wear a visor so that it is easier to understand them and read their lips

Wash your hands as often as possible

How to wash your hands
  • Use soap and water, a hand sanitizer or disinfectant solution - for at least 30 seconds
  • Rub your hands together, palm to palm
  • Wash your palms and backs of your hands
  • Wash the tops of your fingers and nails, between your fingers; don't forget your thumbs!
  • Dry your hands with a clean towel or let them air dry

Reminder of the rules and protective measures

Take care of yourself and others
  • Do not touch your face: particularly your eyes, nose and mouth
  • When you greet other people, do not shake hands or hug
  • Use disposable tissues
  • Cough in your elbow
  • Keep furniture as it is in the rooms; it is forbidden to move the furniture
  • For rooms with shared equipment (language laboratory headsets, computers, laboratory equipment, etc.), please clean the spaces with the products available after each use

Physical distancing and ‘circulation rules’

To keep disease at bay, stay at least one meter away from others.

Always maintain a minimum distance of one meter from others

  • In lecture halls and university libraries, do not sit next to others- leave every other seat unoccupied
  • For groups with fewer than 60 students, distancing is not mandatory but recommended whenever possible.
  • For groups with more than 60 students (lecture hall), it is imperative to maintain distancing (stay at least one meter away from others or leave every other seat unoccupied).
  • To make it easy for everyone to be able to take a seat, please gradually fill up the rows

Circulation rules within buildings

  • Give priority to people leaving buildings, classrooms or lecture halls
  • Stay on the right-hand side of the corridor
  • Follow the flow directions indicated in buildings, classrooms or lecture halls
  • Take the stairs as much as possible
  • Give priority to people with reduced mobility, especially in the lifts
  • In the event of an emergency evacuation, follow the fire safety instructions instead of the Covid flow directions

Non-compliance with the health rules

You must comply the health measures in force. As per the university's internal regulations, non-compliance with the health rules may lead to disciplinary sanctions.

Thank you everyone!

Mis à jour le 21 October 2021.