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Sporting activities

Leisure or competition ?

Sport at Université de Nantes

As part of your academic program…

Sports activities can be an integral part of some academic career or they can be complementary to your academic schedule. You may choose from a variety of levels and times. Activities take place on different sites of the university.

For leisure…

A wide variety of activities: water sports, well-being activities, dance, team sports, racket sports, combat sports, sailing and gliding, and also climbing, mountain bike, circus, gymnastic, hiking, surf…

For more information about the registration process, please refer to
• Pre-registration on your student Intranet, starting from Sept 2nd 2019.
• Start of activities and registration confirmation from September 9th 2019.
• the «OPEN» Week (a week to discover all activities) from September 9th until Saturday 14th (included).
Flyers will be available at the SUAPS, located at 3, boulevard Guy Mollet in Nantes.

Support Nantes Université in the university competitions

Teams are formed to represent the university at all levels of competition, whether it be local, academic, national, international, and depending on your level, your desires and your availability. Join the university teams with the sports association of Nantes Université (ASUN). Ask for your university sport licence when registering at SUAPS.

University sports

Competitive sports

A special system is reserved for competitive athletes registered with the Ministry of Youth and Sports in elite, senior, junior, in certified training centers, or in professional clubs. (see p. 21). Special arrangements are also provided for students enrolled in university sports sections (SSU) or who play on national teams.

For more information on sports activities at the university :
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