Leisure or competition ?

The university sports department (SUAPS) offers a wide range of activities for everyone : water sports, well-being activities, dance, team sports, racket sports, combat sports, sailing and gliding, and also climbing, mountain bike, circus, gymnastic, hiking, Nordic walking...

Sports activities can be an integral part of your academic career or they can be complementary to your academic schedule. You may choose from a variety of levels and times. Activities take place on different sites of the university.

2013-2014 French University Championships

Our athletes have won numerous medals, making the Association Sportives de l'Université de Nantes (ASUN) one of the top in France :
  • Athletics : Track & field and cross-country,
  • Rowing : Women's eight team and quadruple sculls,
  • Badminton : Individual, double and team,
  • Boxing : Women's individual,
  • Cycling : Women's individual and women's and men's team,
  • Fencing : Men's individual and team foil fencing,
  • Futsal : Men's team,
  • Artistic gymnastics : Individual,
  • Rhythmic gymnastics : Individual and team,
  • Judo: Men's individual and team,
  • Swimming: Men's relay,
  • Men's Run and Bike,
  • Savate: Individual,
  • Air pistol: Individual,
  • Sailing:Fleet racing and match racing.

Competitive sports

A special system is reserved for competitive athletes registered with the Minister of Youth Affairs, Sports and Associative Life. It includes the loan of laptop computers, mentoring, medical tests and tutoring, and special arrangements such as waiver of attendance or 2-year study programs.

Special arrangements are also provided for students enrolled in university sports sections (SSU) or who play on national teams.

For more information on sports activities at the university : www.univ-nantes.fr/sport