You’ve just enrolled at the Nantes Université... So, here’s everything you need to start off the year on the right foot.

For the start of the 2021 academic year, the Nantes Université has asked all students to wear face masks. The health instructions are available on a dedicated page.

1/ Before leaving your home country and when you arrive in Nantes

Here is some very useful information to check before you leave your country, such as documents concerning studies, Nantes Université admissions, lists of documents to bring, visas, financing your studies, etc.
When you arrive in Nantes, your first stop is the Guichet unique. At the Guichet Unique, the international staff and student mentors will give you all the information you need to get settled in Nantes (administrative formalities, accommodation information, health insurance, French banks, student jobs, transportation information, student life, etc.).

2/ Discover the Student Guide with everything you need to get started and have a great year!

You will receive your copy when you enrol. If you have not yet received one, please contact your registrar. Download the Student Guide.
> International incoming students: contact the Guichet Unique information centre
> Students with disabilities: find information on support for students with disabilities

3/ French language courses

The Language Learning Center offers French language courses for all proficiency levels.
See more here

4/ Get your student ID and download your enrolment certificate

5/ Browse the student intranet and check your inbox

The intranet makes life easier! Get the latest news on culture, science, and sports at the university. You can also find information about good deals and web services to access your emails, time tables, grades and other useful services during the academic year.
  • Your student email address is:
    Check it regularly. Any information concerning your education will be sent to this email address—exchanges with teaching staff and the administration, internship offers, academic information, extracurricular procedures, etc.
  • How to log in to your student email account:
    > Check your inbox at the university via intranet > vos webservices > webmail, smartphone, or another email client (more details at >
    > Redirect your student email account to your personal inbox by going to, and click on “My Mail Account”

7/ The student life and campus contribution fee (CVEC)

Every student in formal, higher education must obtain a certificate of payment or exemption for the student life and campus contribution fee (CVEC) prior to enrolment. You must settle this one-time student fee at, and obtain a certificate of payment (€91) or exemption before proceeding to enrolment or re-enrolment. Before logging in, please have the INE number, i.e. your student national identification number, ready—the INE number can be found on your certificate of enrolment online (available via webservices > Réinscriptions et autres procédures de scolarité > Attestations en ligne). This step is mandatory to finalise your enrolment and it is your responsibility to settle the CVEC BEFORE you enrol at the Nantes Université:

8/ Find a buddy

ESN Nantes - Autour du Monde, the international students association, can put you in touch with a student from Nantes. This "buddy partnership" aims to promote intercultural exchange, mutual help, and facilitates integration within the university and city.
For more information, click here.

9/ Gender identity

The Nantes Université allows any student affected by gender reassignment to change the forename they use so as to make their everyday life more comfortable and to fight against discrimination.
For more information, click here.