• Le 12 September 2019

The latest Shanghai ranking puts Université de Nantes in the top 4% of world universities. Moving forward from its place in the top 700 last year, Université de Nantes is now in the best 500 universities for nine fields, demonstrating the dynamism of university research in Nantes.

Classement Shanghai

According to the subject to rankings, Université de Nantes excels mainly in the fields of Engineering (Biotechnology, Electric and Electronic Engineering and Energy science and Engineering) and Natural sciences (Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and ‘Earth sciences). The University has also successfully made it into the Life and Social sciences rankings (top 500) and strengthened its position in Clinical medicine.

Université de Nantes obtained a high score in nine disciplines out of 54.

  • Earth sciences: Top 200
  • Energy science and Engineering: Top 200
  • Biotechnology: Top 300
  • Mathematics: Top 300
  • Electric and Electronic Engineering: Top 400
  • Chemistry:  Top 400
  • Physics: Top 500
  • Life sciences and Social sciences: Top 500
  • Clinical Medicine: Top 500

Over all fields, Université de Nantes stands out particularly for the impact of its publications (citations) and for its international collaborations.  In terms of citations, the university has advanced significantly in several fields (Mathematics, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Sciences).

It should be noted that the Shanghai ranking – also known as the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) – evaluates the quality and excellence of world universities each year based on several indicators.