First application and renewal of a student residence permit

New procedure

Students, whose residence permit or long-stay visa valid as a residence permit expires after September 20, 2020, will have to apply for the renewal of their residence permit on a digital platform.

You can now apply for the renewal of your residence permit at the following link :


Beware! Students who entered France in 2020 with a D « school-going minor » visa or a C “competitive examination” visa (visa « concours ») and students to whom the prefecture has already issued a receipt will not be able to access this new system. They will thus have to deposit their complete file by mail by respecting the following wording:

Préfecture de la Loire-Atlantique

bureau du séjour/ étudiant

6 Quai Ceineray

44 035 Nantes

The file with the list of documents to be provided can be downloaded from the prefecture's website HERE or :

- Application for D « school-going minor » visa or C « competitive examination » visa (visa « concours »)

- Student file with a receipt issued this summer by the Prefecture of Loire-Atlantique.

For students living in Saint-Nazaire, please follow the procedure indicated on the site of the sub-prefecture of Saint-Nazaire.

In case of difficulty, please contact:

Préfecture de Loire-Atlantique

Bureau de Séjour

E-mail :