The University of Nantes is currently working on the process of obtaining the prestigious HRS4R label, a recognition of the institutions which make progress in aligning their human resources policies to the 40 principles of the Charter & Code, based on a customized action plan/HR strategy.

By engaging in this labelling process, the University of Nantes is committing to the improvement of recruitment practices and the provision of the best working conditions possible for their research personnel.

"With this label, we want to structure our Human Resources policies around an approach to continual improvement. It is essential to have such a quality approach in human resources" Françoise Le Fichant, associate vice-president of Social Responsibility – in charge of gender equality, specified.

In order to obtain this European label, the university is basing itself on the principles developed by the European Researchers’ Charter and the Code of conduct for the recruitment of researchers.
The establishment has to analyse its own practices with regard to the 40 recommendations made in the documents, concerning ethical and professional aspects, recruitment, working conditions and social security, and training. Specific objectives can therefore be installed in order to address these recommendations and obtain the European Commission HRS4R label.

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