• Le 03 July 2023
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The European Commission announced today that EUniWell – the European University for Well-Being – has been awarded continued funding through the ERASMUS+ European Universities Initiative, giving EUniWell the opportunity to build on becoming a European University and to further establish itself as a leading voice on well-being.

After a successful three-year pilot phase, the EUniWell Alliance has grown from seven to eleven member universities from eight different countries across Europe. In its proposal for 2023-2027, the Alliance proposed to expand its innovative and interdisciplinary approach to education, research, innovation, transfer and community engagement. The European Commission has approved the project with European funding of 14.4 million Euros for the next four years.

With the renewed support from the European Commission, EUniWell continues to build on its initial progress and become a sustainable European University focused on well-being. Chief Development Officer Prof. Beatrix Busse expressed her enthusiasm regarding the announcement: “This is a crucial moment for EUniWell, as we can now fully realise our vision of becoming a trailblazer in the field of well-being in Europe and globally. With this renewed support from the European Commission, we can continue to build on the progress we have made in the first three years and further transform the impact we have within our institutions and society at large.”

During the next four years, the EUniWell alliance will continue to create a new paradigm for higher education focused on multidimensional well-being, on a personal, societal, and planetary level. Its multidisciplinary and intercultural approach aims to provide its students, researchers, staff, and society with the skills and knowledge necessary to address the complex challenges facing our world today, from individuals’ mental health to planetary climate change.

Managing Director Dr. Graham Harrison also expressed his gratitude for the continued support of the European Commission, stating “This funding will enable us to deepen our collaboration with our member universities and stakeholders, and to advance our joint mission of creating a more sustainable and balanced society of well-being. We are thrilled to be part of the European Universities Initiative and look forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.”

"Nantes Université's commitment to EUniWell has been complete, from the creation of the Alliance through to its expansion to include new partner universities. We welcome this renewed confidence from the European Commission, which validates our long-term vision and will enable us to confirm our position as a leading European player contributing to the well-being and active transformation of society", said Carine Bernault, President of Nantes Université.

The latest Erasmus+ call awarded a record sum of €402.2 million to further the rollout of the European Universities Initiative. EUniWell’s selection as a recipient of continued funding from the European Commission reaffirms its position as a leader in the field of well-being and as a valuable contributor to a sustainable and inclusive future.

The EUniWell alliance would like to express its gratitude to the dedicated team members and institutional stakeholders, academics, administrative staff as well as students, whose tireless efforts have been crucial in achieving this significant milestone. We would also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the European Commission for their continued support of our mission to create a new paradigm for higher education.

This renewed funding further motivates EUniWell to continue its pursuit of fostering well-being, sustainability, and inclusivity to have a positive impact on society. Our mission aligns with the Council of the EU, which has noted that “well-being is a principal aim of the European Union”. This next phase of our journey will allow us to build on the progress made already and to refine our innovative and interdisciplinary approach to education, research, innovation, transfer and community engagement. EUniWell is excited to continue working towards our shared vision of a better future for all.